When we found out we weren’t able to breastfeed our newborn son, it wasn’t a big deal to switch to bottle. But because of his temporary health issue, we had to prepare a meal for him every 1.5 - 2 hours. We realized that if we didn’t find a way to make bottle time as fast as possible, we were going to sink fast.

A simple thermos is a bottle-feeding parent\'s best friend.One of my wife’s aunts had a brilliant suggestion. At the beginning of every day, boil a kettle and put the hot water inside a thermos. The water stays hot overnight, and is always ready for the bottle.

Let me say that cooling down a hot bottle is a lot faster than warming up a cold bottle. All we have to do is run cold water into a glass, and put the bottle in for a few minutes while we perform the ritualistic diaper change. By the time we’re done, the bottle is almost always at the correct temperature.

Nighttime feedings are the hardest but this method makes them take 10-15 minutes rather than 20-30, which makes for a smoother sleep cycle for everybody.