It's 6:00am. You just woke up because the baby is crying. You're starving. You have to pee. You have to get the bottle ready. The baby is still crying.

This is a time of new demands and responsibilities. That cry is incessant - you don't want your baby to cry because you know it can lead to feelings of abandonment and increase the risk of SIDS.  But if you have to go to the bathroom, go.

If your bladder is empty, you are going to be more attentive to your child's needs than if you have the bathroom on your mind.  It can take less than a minute, but have huge effects on your relationship with your baby.

Take the time to eat a meal, even if it involves running back and forth to settle baby.  If you are hungry you are not operating at the top of your game.  If mommy/daddy are over exhausted and hungry they quite simply cannot be 100% there for the baby.

Don't let your baby cry.  But don't be afraid to take 15 seconds to take care of your own needs.  We naturally put our children's needs ahead of our own, and we should, but we have to remember that we're still people and we can better take care of our children if we ourselves are taken care of.